“You can have everything in life that you want if you will just help
enough other people get what they want.”Zig Ziglar


We are passionate about helping our clients reach their desired goals, and providing the proper support needed to push their limits. Here are a some featured success stories as they continue on their journey.

I have been working with Nathaniel Ernst for a year now. The reason that I keep coming back is because he allows me to see things about myself, that I don’t recognize on my own. He sees my strength, my ability and he truly sees me. His customized workouts allow me to feel successful, and have brought me a level of confidence in the gym that I never had before. Due to his continued support, nutritional program and personal coaching I’ve lost more weight than I ever could have imagined. Working with him as allowed me a new outlook on what I am capable of doing, and sent me down a path of positive experiences physically, mentally and personally.Sara Cochrane
Before working with Nathaniel as a client I had been seeing an independent trainer for just over 2 years achieving minimal results. After less than 60 days of working with Nathaniel I had achieved incredible results including losing 12lbs while gaining noticeable muscle tone and definition. I can’t express how pleased I have been with the overall Customer Experience that Nathaniel provides:

– He is highly knowledgeable about exercise fitness and proper techniques
– His nutrition advice has been invaluable – he has helped me completely transform my diet, eating habits and raise my level of nutrition knowledge
– He had provided specific recovery advice to help my RMT and Chiropractor target specific issues to help my over exercise performance
– Provided advice and support before successfully running my first half marathon in San Francisco
– Pushing me to try different things like being able to do a handstand (which I have advanced in a VERY short time frame)

Beyond the results, Nathaniel is checked into his clients and cares about their goals, performance and results. Going from a trainer that seemed to be commonly “checked out” and putting his clients second, Nathaniel is incredibly dedicated and customer focused. Prior to working in Oil and Gas, I worked as Customer Relationship Management Consultant helping Fortune 500 companies refine their Customer Experience Strategies. I have worked with countless front line staff in multiple different countries – Nathaniel is truly exceptional and goes above and beyond for his clients – top tier. Brett Pearce
Senior Manager, Consulting Firm

Have you ever had someone believe in you more then you believed in yourself? I was three weeks out from my very first fitness competition. My mom and my sister have both competed and my mom is a personal trainer so naturally I followed in that direction. I had been for the most part training myself with some online help as well as my mom’s expertise. The part I seemed to be missing was the confidence to walk on stage. I met Nathaniel for the first time while training at World Health. He seemed to believe that I had the potential to win my competition and immediately started putting his time into making me better.

The three weeks leading up to my competition I believe is where most of progress came from. Having someone who believed in my potential more than I did gave me the confidence to train harder and keep focused in those final challenging days. I went on to get my pro card with NPAA with more confidence and attitude on stage then I thought possible. Since my competition Nathaniel has continued to push me and challenge me. Some days I leave the gym feeling exhausted and unaccomplished after having a work out that challenged me but I always left with Nathaniel’s voice in my head “If you want to be a champion, you have to train like a champion.” I have been very privileged and lucky to meet Nathaniel not just as a personal trainer but as a friend. He is the kind of person who brings out the best qualities in you. In the next eight weeks I will be working with Nathaniel to train for my pro show in November and I expect there to be a lot of sweat and tears, so again I ask you if you have ever had someone believe in your abilities more then you believed in yourself because if so will understand how much time, work, and effort they are willing to put into your success.Brittany Gervais
23 years old
Women's Champion (NPAA)

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