Movement Coaching


Improve joint health

Our movement coaching services provide clients with in-person or virtual coaching to improve movement capacity by focusing on joint-specific training. Our movement enhancement system will allow clients to improve the health and function of their joints with the benefits of:

  • Increased physical freedom
  • Injury rehab
  • Atheltic performance
  • Injury Prevention
  • Improved joint health

Injury Rehab

Restoring joint function improves tissue health, providing a low-risk method for rehabbing acute and chronic injuries. along with your appointment, you will be prescribed homework, which includes demonstration videos through our NATEFIT app.
Injury Rehab and Mobility Training

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    • Move better

    • Gain physical freedom

    • Injury rehab

    • Become more resilient

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  • 1 on 1 With A Coach
  • Includes custom programming
  • 1 hour session
  • Virtual sessions available
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