Catalina Cortes

Canfitpro & Prescision Nutrition Certified Coach

Catalina is a Precision Nutrition Certified Professional and CanFitPro Personal Training Specialist. Currently pursuing studies to become a Board Certified in Practical Holistic Nutrition. She has been in the health and fitness industry since 2017 and is very passionate about helping her clients improve their relationship with food and their body, there is nothing more rewarding to her than being able to follow her client’s journey towards reaching their goals!

She is a strong, motivational leader offering the balance of a warm, supportive coaching style to nudge her clients from their comfort zone while feeling safe and supported. Undoubtedly, Catalina’s specialty is healthy weight loss and building the body you have always wanted. It has taken Catalina many years to craft, tweak, and refine the method that enables clients to lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way. She believes nutrition goes deeper than just eating the right amounts. It is also mental and emotional, helping you find that balance and create a better relationship with food. Her goal is to help you succeed and to create a healthy lifestyle that is sustainable long-term.

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Born in Colombia and raised in Alberta, Catalina uses her cultural diversity and life experiences to understand the different needs of clients from their core values and beliefs. After graduating with her Business Diploma she fell in love with training and nutrition and went on to be a Nationally Qualified Bikini Competitor. Through her bodybuilding journey, she realized that continuing to learn about her health and physique was her passion. Catalina’s favorite quote is “ You are exactly where you are supposed to be”. This reminds her and her clients that they are growing, changing, learning, becoming, succeeding. And where you are right now. That’s exactly where you’re supposed to be. Trust in the moment, and more importantly, trust yourself. You are capable, incredible, strong and deserving of the best version of yourself.