Vegetarian meals that looks like meat

The Vegetarian community describes a veggie as: “an individual who lives on a weight loss program of grains, pulses, walnuts, seeds, vegetables and fruit with, or without, the application of dairy products and eggs. A vegetarian doesn’t consume any meat, poultry, online game, fish, shellfish or by-products of massacre.”

I know it does not state such a thing about not eating a vegetarian dinner containing Quorn or Tofu, but exactly why would a vegetarian need to consume food intake that appears like beef? How come food companies genuinely believe that vegetarians may wish to eat dinner that looks like and contains an equivalent consistency to meat? I could merely believe that it is targeted at animal meat people who possess not too long ago come to be veggie, and it’s some type of comfort thing comparable to nicotine spots for folks trying to stop smoking. I simply do not get it! A bit a chance I joined a dating site and came across this lovely lady, we got on effectively… until she prepared me a vegetarian Lasagne that appeared to be meat! I recently could not consume it and she could not realize why and that was actually the end of that. I might want to determine if other non-meat eaters have the in an identical way, or perhaps is it really myself? Now i have found vegetable relationship by joining this vegetable dating site and ought to not any longer come across the ‘veggie dinner appearing like meat’ situation again.